Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks

For the unique man in your life, groom, or as a groomsmen's gift. These Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks are an obvious choice.

Made from the charred insides of barrels from a major US brand of whiskey. Each piece is hand cut, and are cut from the the same stave to be truly unique.



  • Carefully sealed to prevent any of the ash from coming off on clothing, and then 3-5 layers of clear coat are applied to add a light gloss and provide further protection of the ash and your clothing.
  • Hand cut approximately 0.75 inches square, and about 0.2 inches thick.
  • Antique brass metal finish.
  • Request to see if we can make it out of the non-charred portions for a more wooden look.
  • USA shipped for fastest delivery