About Twisted Timber


Twisted Timber initials

We love the eclectic Bohemian style! Since I met my wife, we have always had a knack for finding deals.Twisted Timber was built on these ideas:  high-quality, wallet-friendly,  and unique 

    Our name comes from the twisted juniper bushes that dot the hills near our home in Utah Ski country. They may not be tall and majestic -- but they have deep roots. We love being outside in nature and have come to admire their wind-swept beauty. We even use them for Christmas trees!

     We started in 2015 as a small, family-run business sharing favorite items first with neighbors and friends and growing from there. We continue to grow our brand and are mainly online now. 

     Customer Service is our first priority. We will do everything we can to make sure your experience is first-rate.

     We hope our store compels a desire to live with purpose, to find symbols that represent you! 

Thanks for joining us on this journey and for shopping with us,

The Twisted Timber Team

Our family enjoying the wide open spaces and the mountains that surround them.